The bonds of the Polish company Aforti Holding will start trading on BVB s MTS on October 12


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) informs that on Tuesday, October 12, the bonds issued by the Polish company Aforti Holding worth RON 2mn will start trading on the Multilateral Trading System (MTS) under the stock exchange symbol AFH25. Aforti Holding, company registered in Poland, offers financial, technological, administrative and investment consultancy to the companies’ part of the Aforti Financial Group, each of them being specialized in various types of services and financial consultancy addressed to micro and small and medium enterprises. Aforti Holding is a company listed on the New Connect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, under the symbol AFH.

Aforti Holding sold in a private placement held in September 2020 a number of 20,000 unsecured, unsubordinated corporate bonds with a nominal value of RON 100. Aforti Holding attracted from 44 investors the total amount of RON 2mn, intended to finance Aforti's activity in Romania. The bonds have the maturity date on September 4, 2025, and an annual interest rate of 10%, with a half-yearly payment. The private bond placement and listing were done with Goldring support.

With the bond listing occasion, Aforti Holding team will ring the bell of the Bucharest Stock Exchange on October 12. The event will be broadcast LIVE, from 10:00, on BVB's social media channels Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

More information on the bond issue is available here.