EVERGENT Investments the best performing financial investment company in the last 10 years changes its ticker from SIF2 to EVER


EVERGENT Investments, the investment company recognized for the highest market value and for the best return offered to its shareholders, changes its ticker from SIF2 to EVER, starting with March 29th, 2021.

Changing the ticker in EVER is part of the company's shareholder-supported rebranding process to reflect a new development breakthrough, according to the new Alternative Investment Funds legislative framework.

“It gives me great pleasure to participate in this event organized by Bucharest Stock Exchange. Today we are present at a festive corporate event to rebrand an important issuer: SIF Moldova becomes EVERGENT Investments. The ticker you choosed is inspired, EVER, and I want you to always meet the expectations of investors. Basically, SIF Moldova becomes the first financial investment company that chooses to start on another commercial path. I believe that this new proposal is naturally based on your ongoing efforts to make the portfolio increasingly liquid and attractive to investors. The SIF road was not an easy one, SIF Moldova being established under Law 133 in 1996. It was admitted to trading in 1999, the it followed a period of settlement and compliance with the status of issuer and UCI so that under Law 74 to becomes AIFM. Today this legislative path is doubled by a commercial one, the birth of EVERGENT Investments SA. Congratulations on this initiative and I want you to continue to generate long-term value for investors based on a strong corporate value set”, said Gabriel Gradinescu, Vice President of the Financial Supervision Authority (FSA).

“EVERGENT Investments asstes management is a long-term mission of our shareholders and we have the resources to create even more economic and social value. We have a strong financial position and a very good corporate governance with refined investment and risk processes. We are prepared, experienced and responsible, we have an organizational culture based on people with solid values for long-term performance” stated Claudiu Doros, EVERGENT Investments Chairman and CEO.

”EVERGENT Investments is one of the first companies listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange and, at the same time, one of the most important. It is also one of the institutional investors and partners of Bucharest Stock Exchange with whom we work for the development of the capital market. We can say that both EVERGENT Investments and Bucharest Stock Exchange are two mature companies, with a clear strategy and which already produces results for investors and for the entire capital market.”, said Radu Hanga, Bucharest Stock Exchange Chairman of the Board.

”Rebranding is a natural step in the life of any company, because the visual identity reflects the new level that a company reaches, dynamism and innovation. With 30 years of experience in the investment world, EVERGENT Investments is one of the institutional investors active both in the capital market and directly in the economy, and this dynamism is also reflected in the evolution of share prices, which from today are traded under the ticker EVER”, said  Adrian Tanase,Bucharest Stock Exchange Chairman of the Board.

At the end of the trading session on Wednesday, March 24th, EVERGENT Investments had a market capitalization of RON 1.4bn (almost EUR 290mn). The company's shares were suspended from trading on the trading sessions on Thursday and Friday (March 25th and 26th), for the change of theticker from SIF2 to EVER, and on Monday, March 29th, the first trades with the ticker EVER were made. The ticker SIF2 has been delisted, but the historical trading data will be maintained on this ticker, on Bucharest Stock Exchange website.

In the last 10 years, the company has generated for shareholders an average growth rate of the investment value of 13.2% annually, composed of dividends received and asset growth.

With a stated goal of being a leader in the capital market, EVERGENT Investments has a well-articulated long-term strategy and aims to increase private equity investments up to 25-30% of its assets, and an active management of the listed portfolio for increasing its efficiency. The performance of EVERGENT Investments is also observed from the perspective of the evolution of the EVER share price (SIF2), compared to indices calculated by BVB. In the last 5 years (YTD), the EVER (SIF2) price has evolved by 27.92% over BET, the reference index of the local capital market, it has also increased by 19.37% over the BET-FI sector index.

The company's management has the objective to repeat the performance and to continue working for the appreciation of EVER value, an action that will not be missing from the investors' portfolios at Bucharest Stock Exchange.

According to the published financial statements, EVERGENT Investments SA ended 2020 with a solid financial position. The net result of RON 56.08mn, consisting of net profit and net gain reflected in the carried forward result, is 44% higher than the budgeted one. Also, the level of investments, of RON 177mn, exceeded by 68% the budgeted level.



About EVERGENT Investments

EVERGENT Investments is an Alternative Investment Fund Administrator, authorized by the Financial Supervision Authority with no. 20 / 23.01.2018, and a company listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange under the ticker EVER. Until March 1st, 2021, it operated under the name SIF Moldova, with the ticker SIF2. The company has a portfolio of assets valued at RON 2.156bn, on February 28th, 2021. Of the total value of assets under management, the portfolio of listed shares holds the main share of 68.4%, while the share of unlisted shares is 9.5%. The main sectors in the portfolio structure, related to the total value of assets, are: financial-banking 42%, energy 16.3%, manufacturing 6.6% and real estate 6.7%.

EVERGENT Investments has 37 employees at national level, and at Group level 185 employees. The executive management consists of Claudiu Doros as CEO and Catalin Iancu as Deputy CEO.


From left to right: Adrian Tanase (BVB CEO), Gabriel Gradinescu (FSA Vice President), Catalin Iancu (EVERGENT Investments Vice President and Deputy CEO), Claudiu Doros (EVERGENT Investments President and CEO), Radu Hanga (President, BVB).