ABN Systems International debuts on the AeRO market after closing the first IPO on this market


ABN Systems International, a technology company founded in 2002 and one of the leaders in the distribution of IT&C products and accessories in Romania, debuted today, February 14, on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s AeRO market. The debut of ABN Systems on the exchange is the first that follows an initial primary public offering carried out on the AeRO market, as a result of which the company attracted RON 5.5mn from investors. The capital will be used for the development and expansion of the company. ABN Systems’s shares, the owner of the Tellur brand, are traded under the ABN stock ticker.

‘We are happy with the evolution of the AeRO market so far, and the fact that we have reached the point where successful public offers are concluded on this market proves that we are going in the right direction. From this point of view, ABN Systems is a pioneer, together with TradeVille, which had the courage and determination to support the company in its efforts to attract financing through the capital market. Moreover, the listing of ABN Systems increases the representation of the technology sector on the exchange and supports the diversification of investors' portfolios. The year 2021 was a reference year for AeRO, and today's listing creates the premises for an equally interesting 2022 year’, said Radu Hanga, Bucharest Stock Exchange President.

‘By listing the shares, we have achieved a strategic goal, raising the company to a higher level of visibility both among customers and in the labor market, aiming to attract top professionals in the team. At the same time, the status of listed company increases our credibility with current and future partners in the dozens of countries where we sell our brand, Tellur. We thank the investors for the trust shown, which we want to reconfirm with excellent business results. The funding raised will help strengthen operations in the markets in which we are present and expand into foreign markets, including the United States, where we recently opened a subsidiary, through which we will conduct business operations in this market’, said George Barbu, ABN Systems International President.

ABN Systems International sold during the IPO, held between December 15, 2021, and January 4, 2022, a total number of 1,059,434 shares for RON 5,18 per share. The IPO and the listing were carried out with TradeVille’s support.  

By listing ABN shares, Bucharest Stock Exchange assumes both the role of stimulating Romanian exports with high added value, and that of supporting the development of the technology sector, including in top niches, such as the Smart Home phenomenon. We are convinced that the first IPO on the AeRO market is just the first step for ABN on the stock market world and we want to have the opportunity to celebrate together not only the first year of the company's listing, but also the first decades’, said George-Ovidiu Dumitrescu, CFA,  TradeVille Deputy CEO.

With a portfolio of over 30,000 IT&C products and accessories, ABN Systems is present in markets in about 30 countries, on four continents, and aims to accelerate the expansion of external sales channels, both by entering new markets and by consolidating the current ones.

In the first half of 2021, ABN Systems International recorded a net turnover of almost RON 50mn, an increase of 34% compared to H1 2020. ABN Systems International's net profit in H1 2021 was RON 2.4mn, more than 8 times higher than the one registered in the similar period of the previous year. Also, sales on foreign markets increased by 114% compared to the same period last year, exceeding RON 26mn.

The company had an average number of 70 employees in the middle of last year. According to the prospectus, ABN Systems will continue the policy of distributing dividends to shareholders and is considering the possibility of distributing dividends in the form of free shares, but also the implementation of an stock option plan dedicated to employees.