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Report according art. 82 Law 24/2017

Release Date: 6/14/2019 6:30:10 PM

IRIS Code: BAF74


In accordance with Law no. 24/2017, and FSA Regulation nr.5/2018


Date of the report: 14th June 2019

Name of the issuing company: TERAPLAST S.A.

Registered office: village Saratel, Sieu-Magherus commune, DN 15A, km 45 + 500, county Bistrita-Nasaud

Phone number: 0263/238.202

Fax number: 0263/231.221

Trade Register No.: J06/735/1992

VAT number: RO3094980

Subscribed and paid-up share capital: RON 107.024.527,40

Regulated market for shares admitted to trading: Bucharest Stock Exchange, standard cat., symbol TRP


Important events to be reported: Reporting of contracts concluded in May 2019 by TeraPlast S.A. according with Art 82 of Law no. 24/2017.


Individual / legal entity signing legal documents with Teraplast company

Date of concluding the document

Nature of the document

Subject of the document

Estimated value of the document

Mutual claims between the parties of the document

Constituted guarantees

Deadlines and payment terms



Contract concluded by the Company Teraplast S.A., acting as creditor



TeraSteel d.o.o. Serbia


Agreement to modify the loan contract signed on 06.06.2017

Conversion of EUR 1,711,000 (part of the loan contract

concluded on 06.06.2017, for the amount of EUR 6,250,000) into share capital of TeraSteel d.o.o. Serbia

Total value of the contract is of EUR 1,711,000

 *Teraplast SA has receivables related to TeraSteel d.o.o. Serbia:

LEI 23,026,789

Teraplast SA has debts related to TeraSteel d.o.o. Serbia: LEI 0









* The value of RON 23,026,789 is related to the loan agreement in force and consists of RON 20,715,792 principal (the equivalent of EUR 4,539,000) and RON 2,310,997 interest.

Financial Manager

Birta Maria Ioana

For additional information please contact us at the phone number +4 0741 270 439, e-mail:, contact person Alexandra Sica – Manager PR.


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