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SNN launches the Ethical and Business Conduct Code

Release Date: 7/5/2018 6:11:08 PM

IRIS Code: 118F3

Reporting date:05.07.2018

Name of the issuing entity: Societatea Nationala NUCLEARELECTRICA S.A.

Registered office: Strada Polona nr. 65, Sector 1, Bucuresti

Phone/fax number: 021-203.82.00 / 021 – 316.94.00

Sole Registration Code with the Trade Register Office: 10874881 Order number: J40/7403/1998

Subscribed and paid share capital: lei

Regulated market on which the issued securities are traded: Bucharest Stock Exchange



To:                              Bucharest Stock Exchange

                                    Financial Supervisory Authority



Important event to report:

SNN launches the Ethical and Business Conduct Code


SN Nuclearelectrica SA (“SNN”) announces the adoption by the company of the Ethical and Business Conduct Code applicable to the management and employees of SNN as well as to the business partners, contractors and consultants. The Code is prepared in compliance with the most recent business and governance standards and reflects the fundamental principles which coordinate the activity of the staff both in internal and external relations as well as in cooperation with different stakeholders, in order to maintain integrity, transparency, business ethics, professionalism in all areas and fields of activity, responsibility for the management, individual and team decisions. The Code also provides a series of expectations and desired behaviors in relation to SNN’s objectives and strategy, as the company considers that the alignment of all individual capabilities and competences of employees and business partners is of vital importance in view of obtaining the sought after results and their sustainability over time.


An essential component of the Code is the nuclear safety culture, area in which SNN already applies the nuclear safety provisions of the World Association for Nuclear Operators (“WANO”) with visible operation, maintenance and management results, evaluated as among the most performant worldwide by independent international assessment missions. The nuclear safety component is backed by  by  a series of good practices regarding diversity, equal treatment, objectivity and transparency, integrity, adequate business practices and anti fraud behavior, personal information and data protection, avoidance of the conflict of interests, implementation of the anticorruption national strategy and involvement in the local community support initiatives through corporate social responsibility projects.


The professionalism, integrity, business ethics and not in the least, the nuclear safety culture, represent mandatory requirements for a healthy business climate capable of sustaining the sought after results and the loyalty of the employees. SNN engages in a 0 tolerance policy towards unethical and abusive activities and more over, it builds a internal culture based on principles of integrity, mutual respect, responsibility, innovation and cooperation which it aims to transfer to its partners as well. In the nuclear field, as well as in any other business field, the adherence of the management and of the personnel to clear eloquent principles which leave no room for interpretation or confusion, in alignment with the short, medium and long term objectives of the company represents an efficient means of managing risk and internal and external contingencies as well as a guarantee of the results. SNN has opened several channels and means of reporting non compliances, both for the employees as well as for people outside the company, which are described in the Code and can also be found on the company’s website. The reported problems are dealt with the maximum sobriety so that the activity and processes of SNN are carried out in transparent and ethical conditions in relation to all the company’s stakeholders.”


The Ethical and Business Conduct Code can be accessed on SNN website in the Investor Relations/Corporate Governance/Regulations section as well in the mobile application Access SNN.



Cosmin Ghita





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