The value of TeraPlast Group has trebled after 10 years of trading on Bucharest Stock Exchange


  • Dorel Goia, Chairman of TeraPlast’s Board of Directors: ‘We want to keep proving our investors that we are a solid company, which they can trust in the long run. Our focus is to increase the market shares for each of the Group divisions without losing sight of our responsibility towards people and environment’
  • Adrian Tanase, BVB’s CEO: ‘After the model of the TeraPlast Group we hope to see as many BVB-listed companies as possible with a strong presence in the area’
  • Lucian Anghel, Chairman of BVB’s Board of Directors: ‘We think highly especially of those company shareholders and managers who resort as much as possible to the levers offered by the share market in making their business more attractive and more competitive’


TeraPlast Group, one of the biggest players on the Romanian building market, has managed to treble its market value during the ten years of trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). TRP’s shares have been traded for the first time on BVB on 2nd of July 2008.

“The decision to be listed on the stock exchange market was a natural step of a company of a size such as TeraPlast’s. Although the listing of a market leader company is commonplace in Western Europe, for Romania it was a novelty at the time. We have chosen, after analysing the European mature markets and the benefits such decision would bring to our company, to take this step”, declared Dorel Goia, the Chairman of TeraPlast’s Board of Directors.

During the ten years since TeraPlast has been trading with the BVB, constant investments have been made in developing the productive capacity into state-of-the art technology and product line extension, so that it should be the first choice in the Romanian building and installation industry. This is why the export of products has been a priority, TeraPlast Group being currently present in over 20 European countries. In October 2017, TeraPlast Group opened TeraSteel Serbia, the first Romanian plant inaugurated abroad after 1990.

“The success story of TeraPlast’s BVB listing is also confirmed by the strategy adopted within the Group. We are happy every time we see listed companies undertaking the role of leaders in an extremely competitive economic environment. After the model of TeraPlast Group we hope to see as many BVB listed companies as possible to have a strong presence in the area”, said Adrian Tanase, BVB’s CEO.

EUR 14 million were obtained by TeraPlast’s IPO, budget directed in the first place towards the relocation of the manufacturing plants, located at that time at four different locations, in an industrial park spanning over 20 hectares, developed at European standards. At the same time, the bases were created for the company development during the past years, which included the distribution point in Hungary, the inauguration of a TeraSteel subsidiary in Serbia and two acquisitions in Romania - Politub and Depaco.

“We think highly especially of those company shareholders and managers who resort as much as possible to the levers offered by the share market in making their business more attractive and more competitive. TeraPlast is an example in that sense, standing out by its extensive use of stock exchange mechanisms. The company has many times resorted to capital raise, has granted free shares and distributed during the last three years dividends of over RON 27 million,” has stated Lucian Anghel, the Chairman of BVB’s Board.

From a financial perspective, during the period 2008-2017, the Group made a total investment of RON 323 million, paid salaries of RON 314 million and recorded a RON 108 million profit, while the value of the government paid taxes (profit tax, taxes on salary and VAT) amounted to more than RON 400 million.

“For the time to come we intend to prove to our investors that we are a solid and trustworthy company, and, of course, to continue to conduct the Group companies business by increasing the market shares. I think that, in order to further up the Group’s ascending trend, we need predictability and mutual trust. This will be our main focus, along with the promise of offering efficient solutions for people and environment by sustainable best quality products”, completed Dorel Goia.

TeraPlast Group reached a RON 422 million turnover in 2017, while the value of the Group’s last year investments exceeded RON 112 million. For the year 2018, TeraPlast Group is aiming at a turnover of RON 970 million, following last year’s massive investments to contribute greatly to the 2018 Group’s results in: 67% participation in Depaco, TeraSteel Serbia sandwich panel manufacturer, Politub business and PVC recycling section.



About TeraPlast Group

TeraPlast Group includes the company TeraPlast (polyethylene and PVC pipes, PVC granules and profiles), TeraSteel and TeraSteel Serbia subsidiaries (sandwich panel manufacturers and zinc-coated metal structures), TeraGlass (PVC window and door manufacturer), TeraPlast Logistic (from June 2016 it coordinates the Group’s logistic activities), TeraPlast Hungary (distributor) and Depaco (manufacturer of metal tiles, brand Wetterbest). The 67% participation in Depaco – the second metal tiles manufacturer in Romania – and the sandwich panel factory in Serbia, with a manufacturing plant similar to that of TeraSteel Romania, have been bought during the year 2017. TeraPlast shares are covered by BET-BK, BET-XT, BET-XT-TR and BET-Plus index range.

About Bucharest Stock Exchange

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