Listing of Autonom Services bonds on BVB


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) informs that on Wednesday, December 4nd, the euro denominated bonds issued by Autonom Services (AUT24E) will start trading on the Regulated Market managed by BVB.

The securities are non-guaranteed and non-convertible, they have a 5yrs maturity, maturing on November 12th, 2024, and a fixed interest of 4.45% p.a. payable on a annually basis. The issue includes 20,000 bonds, with a face value of EUR 1,000, which means a total value of EUR 20mn.

By achieving the bonds issue, one of the specific objectives of Autonom Services is to increase the average maturity of the attracted financing, so that, given the 5yrs maturity of the bonds, the average maturity of the attracted financing will increase substantially, coordinated with the average duration of 4yrs of operational leasing contracts, the main category of services provided. Another two objective are to ensure the financing of the organic growth of the operational leasing business and rent-a-car as well as the acquisition of other companies.

The bonds issue was intermediated by BRD-Groupe Societe Generale and BT Capital Partners, the bonds being sold through a private placement in November 2019.

Autonom Services started its activity in 2006, in Piatra-Neamt, being oriented towards the rent-a-car sector and offering services mainly to individuals. The company expanded rapidly, initially in the area of Moldova (2006) and later in most of the large cities in the country (2007 - 2008), thus becoming the first and only company with a broad coverage at national level (by reference to the big urban centers of the country and taking into account the geographical distribution of agencies). At the present, Autonom Services has over 500 employees, a fleet of 9,000 cars, more than 40 agencies in over 30 cities in Romania, as well as in Hungary (2 agencies) and Serbia (1 agency). Entrepreneurs Marius and Dan Stefan are the two shareholders of Autonom Services.