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H1 2021 Financial Results DENT ESTET, dentistry division of MedLife Group

Release Date: 9/23/2021 1:05:23 PM

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DENT ESTET, part of MedLife Group, reconfirms its leading position in the field of dentistry services in Romania, announcing a 60% increase in turnover in the

first semester of the year


  • DENT ESTET turnover have increased 3 times in 5 years after signing the agreement with MEDLIFE Group
  • 98% increase of DENT ESTET Brasov clinic in the first 6 months from acquisition compared to the same period of last year is proof of the advantages offered by the affiliation with a strong brand
  • DENT ESTET continues the national expansion strategy by opening new clinics, but also through acquisitions


Bucharest, September 23rd 2021:  DENT ESTET dental clinics group, part of MedLife medical system, reconfirms its leading position on the Romanian dental services market with a turnover of 46 million lei, an 60% increase above the first semester of 2020.

These results are a confirmation of revenues declared in the first trimester of 2021, above budgeted level from the beginning of the financial year. Also the numbers certify the development and financial performance reached in the last 5 years after we set the base of a solid partnership with MedLIfe, the biggest private operator in the private medical sector.

“We took an inspired decision 5 years ago to unify our forces and offer dental healthcare services to reach more Romanians. The financial results reached in the first quarter of 2021 by MedLife Dental Care Division prove, once again, that our patients invested us with their trust all this time. The increase of our turnover is sustained by the group organic development, patients request for complex treatments, but also by patients’ awareness of the dental healthcare role in overall health, especially in the actual circumstances “, Mihai Marcu, CEO and President of MedLife Group.


The innovative management and MedLife partnership are the development motors of DENT ESTET group in the last 5 years

During the last 5 years, medical dental care clinics group continued to invest in cutting-edge technology, its medical team through sharing and mentoring culture to create a quality patient experience with the purpose to reach patient expectations and to have the most efficient treatment solutions for his medical dental problems.

DENT ESTET kept all this time its leadership position on the Romanian dental care market reaching increases in all key performance indicators. Starting with a turnover of 24,2 million lei in 2015, DENT ESTET recorded a 177% increase up to 67 million lei in 2020.

Also, the number of treated patients exceeds 130,000, which demonstrates the confidence of Romanians in the undoubted quality and safety of medical care, even in the context of the pandemic and the sharp increase in the number of cases with the new strain of coronavirus in the last 6 months.

“Our records show from year to year an increase in Romanian’s interest towards regaining their dental healthcare and smile, passing through complex oral rehabilitation treatments under our medical experts care”, Dr. Oana Taban, CEO and Founder. “At this moment, our patient knows the importance of choosing a reputable medical team, international certified implants, and also cutting-edge medical technology, being very well informed with the dental medical market, both local and international. The fast adjustment to the social and economic context and the investment in technology were a few of the overall programs to answer patients’ needs.”

98% increase for Krondent DENT ESTET clinic, the group's first acquisition

One of the most important development opportunities leveraged by DENT ESTET in the first part of 2021 was the acquisition of the Krondent clinic in Brasov. The new clinic registered an increase of 98% in turnover - from 1.7 million lei in the first half of 2020, to 3.4 million lei in the same period of 2021.

This impressive evolution over such a short period, in a sensitive epidemiological context, has been based on two pillars. The desire of patients to experience DENT ESTET services in complete safety, in all group clinics, and Brasov medical team performance led by dr. Codruta Ciurescu, herself being an experienced trainer in laser dentistry.

DENT ESTET Brasov clinic could thus leverage the benefits of belonging to a group such as the one established by dr. Oana Taban: implementation of specific medical and management protocols, improvements of know-how in patient management, access to cutting-edge technology, to knowledge sharing and mentoring programs, introduction of software systems that meet the needs of patients.

"Along with the performance of the clinic in Brasov in the first six months, we are most pleased that we can offer our patients in this area of the country painless, effective and complex treatments, in safety and comfort, because the studies conducted recently have shown that oral health is essential for the general health of the body and even in preventing infection with SARS-CoV-2 and the strains of this virus", adds Dr. Oana Taban.

DENT ESTET continues its national expansion strategy

Because one of the objectives assumed from the beginning is to ensure the access of as many Romanians as possible, from all regions of the country, to excellent services, but also to offer an experience in the dental office, DENT ESTET continues its expansion strategy at national level and will reach very soon a number of 12 dental clinics.

We keep the engines running for second half of the 2021, when new challenges and rewards await us. We have a continuing interest in opening clinics and we want to remain a pole of attraction for new acquisitions.  Our primary focus remains on people. The medical team is the most valuable DENT ESTET investment, from identifying the best professionals, to their continuous training through development programs, to providing them with the latest technology, so patients can benefit from the high-performance treatments. Together with MedLife, a company with which we share the mission of always putting the needs of patients and doctors first, we invest in people, for people”, concludes dr. Oana Taban.




DENT ESTET Group is market leader in the field of dentistry services in Romania since its establishment in 1999 and is recognized for its contribution to the development of the private dental surgical field in our country.

DENT ESTET has 11 multidisciplinary dental clinics in Bucharest, Timisoara, Sibiu and Brasov, intended for all age groups, 3 divisions of excellence, unique in Romania (Implant Division, Esthetic Division and Advanced Orthodontic Division), the first digital dental laboratory - Aspen and 3 specialized digital photo studios - Future Dental Smile.

The list of major innovations that DENT ESTET brought to the market includes DENT ESTET 4 KIDS (2008) and DENT ESTET 4 TEENS (2012), the first dental clinics in Romania and in Eastern Europe dedicated exclusively to children and teenagers and, last but not least, DENT ESTET founded the Dental Office Managers Association (ADOM), which trains the first generation of managers for dental clinics.

Starting 2016, DENT ESTET is a member of the MedLife Group, the largest private health care service provider in Romania.


About MedLife Medical System

MedLife Medical System started 26 years ago, has developed healthily and has become the largest provider of private medical services in Romania. Romanian entrepreneurs, who founded this company, invested and got involved to change the Romanian health system, believed in innovation and dared to aim as high as possible, to offer Romanian patients qualitative services, professionalism, care and respect for their needs.

The company operates the largest network of clinics, one of the largest networks of medical laboratories, general and specialized hospitals and has the largest corporate clients base for Health Prevention Packages in the country. It is also one of the largest private healthcare providers in Central and Eastern Europe in terms of sales.

MedLife Group has a history of success in terms of both organic growth and by acquisitions. Strong and experienced management team, was able to create and manage these growth opportunities, gaining valuable knowledge and experience, which allows to find the best way to successfully continue the expansion.

Being a Romanian company with a tradition, MedLife chose to be listed on the Romanian Stock Exchange, being a model for listings on the local capital market. It has opened up new horizons, and through the corporate governance it has implemented, has inspired other local companies to embark on this path and help develop the Romanian capital and economy. The shares issued by MedLife SA are admitted to trading on the regulated spot market administered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Premium Category, with the trading symbol ″ M ″.

During the pandemic, MedLife managed to play a key role in society and gain a detached leadership status in pandemic monitoring through active involvement in research activities.

The company continues to invest in projects in technology and infrastructure, with impact on the local community. It creates jobs and develops an ecosystem that contributes to the development and maintenance of a healthy Romania.




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