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Information on the conduct of the 29 September 2021 GSM

Release Date: 9/24/2021 4:15:39 PM

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Current report according to Article 99 letter (s) of the Code of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, Title II, Issuers and Financial Instruments

Important events to be reported:

Information on the conduct of the General Shareholders Meetings convened for 29 September 2021

Franklin Templeton International Services S.A R.L., in its capacity as alternative investment fund manager and sole director (the “Fund Manager”) of Fondul Proprietatea S.A. (the "Fund"), would like to update shareholders on the conduct of Fund’s Extraordinary (“EGM”) and Ordinary (“OGM”) General Shareholders’ Meetings convened for 29 September 2021.


-    the global pandemic situation and the prevention measures imposed by the Romanian authorities to limit and prevent SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection;

-       the cumulative incidence rate calculated at 14 days at the level of Bucharest of over 3/1000 inhabitants at the date of this report;

-       the measures imposed by Government Decision no. 932 / 10 September 2021 on the extension of the alert state on the Romanian territory by 30 days starting with 10 September 2021, amended by Government Decision no. 990 / 17 September 2021 regarding the organization and conduct of private events and the Government Decision no. 1015 / 23 September 2021;

-       the fact that the annual GSM of 28 April 2020, the GSM of 13 November 2020, EGSM of 14 January 2021, the OGSM of 24 March 2021 and the annual GSM of 28 April 2021 took place exclusively based on correspondence voting, the quorum being reached in all cases and the resolutions on the agenda being voted in compliance with the legal provisions,

the Fund Manager reminds that the vote can be exercised through the methods already announced through the convening notice published on 17 August 2021, encourages shareholders to express their vote via correspondence and recommends shareholders to avoid non-essential travel.

However, the Fund Manager does not limit the access of shareholders wishing to attend the EGMS and the OGMS, but states that the provisions regarding access to private events in force on 29 September 2021 at the level of Bucharest will be applicable.

Moreover, there are a number of restrictions regarding space limitations of the reserved room and of prevention measures imposed to limit the risk of infection. Also, in order to comply with the legal requirements in force, wearing a protective mask (covering both the mouth and the nose) is mandatory during the entire event, and at the entrance to the room there will be an epidemiological triage, as well as hand disinfection, given the procedure to vote on physical support (paper support).

If there will be shareholders who present themselves at the place described in the convening notice, the Fund Manager notifies the following:

1. the Fund and the Fund Manager cannot be held responsible for the contamination of any shareholder with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus if the shareholder has decided on his own responsibility to travel and attend in person the EGM/OGM;

2.    is recommended to shareholders who wish to attend in person the EGM/OGM to express their intention by e-mail to the address, sent no later than 28 September 2021, 5:00 PM (Romanian time), providing at the same time a copy of an identity document and a contact telephone number or an e-mail address, so that identity as shareholder can be verified;

3.    the pre-registration aims at the early identification of the shareholders in order to allow them direct access to the hall, avoiding the formation of queues;

4.    the pre-registration is not a limitation of shareholders' access to the EGM/OGM meeting, and shareholders will be allowed access directly to the place described in the convening notice only after completing the identification procedures and epidemiological triage formalities, respecting the space limitation and existing restrictions;

5.    the presence of shareholders in the hall is conditioned by the observance of the legal distance and protection measures for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 virus contamination;

6. considering the existing restrictions and the limited timeframe, at this EGM/OGM no food or beverages will be served.

At the same time, the Fund Manager will ensure the transmission of the meetings through a videoconference organized on the Microsoft Teams platform. Shareholders who wish to attend the videoconference are invited to express their intention by e-mail to the address, sent no later than 28 September 2021, 5:00 PM (Romanian time), providing at the same time a copy of an identity document and a contact telephone number or an e-mail address, so that identity as shareholder can be verified.

However, the Sole Administrator mentions that in the videoconference it will not be possible to exercise the online voting right for the items on the EGM/OGM agenda and strongly encourages shareholders to express their vote via correspondence.

Franklin Templeton International Services S.A R.L., acting as Alternative Investment Fund Manager of FONDUL PROPRIETATEA S.A.


Permanent Representative

Report date:

24 September 2021


Name of the issuing entity:

Fondul Proprietatea S.A.


Registered office:

76-80 Buzesti Street

7th floor, district 1,

Bucharest, 011017


Phone/fax number:

Tel.: + 40 21 200 9600

Fax: + 40 21 200 9631






Sole Registration Code with

the Trade Register Office:



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Subscribed share capital:

RON 3,749,282,292.08


Paid-up share capital:

RON 3,560,099,870.08


Number of shares in issue:



Number of paid shares:



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the issued securities are


Shares on Bucharest Stock


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