Bucharest Stock Exchange - details Bonds R2307A MINISTERUL FINANTELOR OBLIGATIUNI 2023


8/12/2022 2:47:20 PM
High: 96.6500
Low: 96.0000
Symbol / ISIN: R2307A / ROTWSR4X3BI9
Segment / Category: Main / Government
Type: Bonds
Status: Tradeable
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Financial Calendar


Bid / Ask 96.1000 / 96.7499
Bid / Ask Vol. 5 / 44
Reference price96.0000
Date/time8/12/2022 6:00:00 PM
Last price96.6000
Var (%)0.63
Open price96.0000
High price96.6500
Low price96.0000
Avg. price96.0072
Date/time8/12/2022 2:47:20 PM
52 weeks high100.1900
52 weeks low92.5000
52 wk High / Low based on adjusted prices

Issue info

Current coupon3.2500%
Yield To Maturity*7.23%
Issued Instruments2,991,397
Nominal value100.0000
Issue value299,139,700
Start trading date7/16/2021
Maturity date7/15/2023
Issue currencyRON
Prospectus / Memorandum
*YTM based on the current market price