Raiffeisen Bank green bonds will start trading on Bucharest Stock Exchange on May 27th


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) informs that on Thursday, May 27th, the green bonds issued by Raiffeisen Bank will start trading on Bucharest Stock Exchange’s Regulated Market, under the ticker RBRO26. The money attracted through the bond issue will be used by Raiffeisen Bank to finance eligible projects to ensure the transition to a sustainable and solid economy.

The first issue of green bonds carried out by Raiffeisen Bank on the Romanian market was addressed to institutional investors and attracted over RON 400.5mn. The bonds have a 5 years maturity, a fixed coupon of 3.086%, approximately 0.5 pp. over the yield of government securities, with the same maturity and issued in the same currency, RON. With a demand of almost RON 650mn, the bond issue was oversubscribed almost 1.6 times.

More information about Raiffeisen Bank green bonds is available at this LINK.