HAIR03 pre-emptive rights issued for the capital increase carried out by Holde Agri Invest will be traded between June 15-21


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) informs that on Wednesday, June 15, will start trading HAIR03 pre-emptive rights issued for the share capital increase carried out by Holde Agri Invest. The company issued a number of 58,242,621 pre-emptive rights  that will be traded on  BVB’s Multilateral Trading System dring June, 15-21. The company announces the increase of the share capital by issuing 32.034.898 new shares, to a nominal value of RON  1 per share to which is added the issue premium of RON 0,65 per share.

The share capital increase will be made in two stages. In the first stage, each entitled shareholder received a number of preference rights equal to the number of shares held on March 25, 2022. The transaction period for the pre-emptive rights is between June 15 -21.

After the transaction period for the preference rights, will start the subscription period of the newly issued shares based on the exercise of the preference rights. The new shares will be offered for subscription as it follows:

  • The shareholders registered on March 25, 2022 who did not alienate their preference rights during the transaction period for these preference rights  
  • The persons who aquired preference rights, including by buying them during the transaction period

The subscription ratio is of a new share issued to 1,818099155489741 preference rights held.

The shares that will remain unsubscribed after the end of the first stage will be offered in a private placement. The newly issued shares remaining unsubscribed during the second stage will be cancelled.

All the necessary information is available on the BVB website at the following link.