EVERGENT Investments benefits from the Issuer Market Maker services provided by Raiffeisen Centrobank AG


  • Evergent Investments is the first investment company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange that benefits from the Issuer’s Market Maker activity.  
  • Raiffeisen Centrobank acts as an Issuer Market Maker for EVER shares.
  • As of July 26th, a total number of 13 financial instruments listed on the stock exchange (12 shares and one bond issue) benefit from the Issuer’s Market Maker program.


EVERGENT Investments (EVER), with over 25 years of experience in the Romanian capital market, is the first financial investment company listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange that benefits as of today, July 26th, 2021, from the Issuer's Market Maker (IMM) services provided by Raiffeisen Centrobank.

‘The interest of listed companies in the Issuer's Market Maker services, as well as of brokers that assume to support the liquidity of shares or bonds, is a good signal for the entire market. We are glad that two of the most important stakeholders of the local capital market are cooperating to improve the liquidity and we expect to have more and more such partnerships’, said Adrian Tanase, Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO.

‘EVERGENT Investments' strategy is based on allocating resources, so as to develop the company and ensure the satisfaction of its shareholders interests. We consider the partnership with Raiffeisen Centrobank AG a useful step in implementing our strategy. Improving the liquidity of EVER shares, reducing volatility and implicitly the associated risk, are benefits for our shareholders and create opportunities for potential investors’, said Catalin Iancu, Evergent Investments Deputy CEO.

The Issuer's Market Maker (IMM) activity will be performed by Raiffeisen Centrobank based on a contract signed with Evergent Investments. The company has a market capitalization of RON 1.3bn (almost EUR 267mn). EVER shares are included in four of BVB’s indices, respectively BET-FI, BET-BK, BET-XT, BET-XT-TR.

‘To take over EVER's Issuer Market Making is one next step in order to underscore Raiffeisen Centrobank's ongoing engagement with and commitment to the Romanian capital market. We appreciate the confidence placed in our company and our expertise’, said Günther Kornfellner, Equities & Derivatives Trader at Raiffeisen Centrobank.

Thus, the total number of the financial instruments listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange that benefit from the Issuer’s Market Maker program increased to 13 (out of which 12 shares and one bond issue). The specific parameters applicable to the IMM activity provided by Raiffeisen Centrobank for EVER shares are available HERE.

The IMM is the participant in the BVB’s trading system that has taken on the role of sustaining the liquidity of a financial instrument, based on a contract concluded with the issuer of the financial instruments, as well as with BVB. Further information regarding the general framework for the IMM Program can be found HERE.



EVERGENT Investments is an Alternative Investment Fund Administrator, authorized by the Financial Supervision Authority with no. 20 / 23.01.2018, and a company listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange under the ticker EVER. Until March 1st, 2021, it operated under the name SIF Moldova, with the ticker SIF2. The company has a portfolio of assets valued at RON 2.156bn, on February 28th, 2021. Of the total value of assets under management, the portfolio of listed shares holds the main share of 68.4%, while the share of unlisted shares is 9.5%. The main sectors in the portfolio structure, related to the total value of assets, are: financial-banking 42%, energy 16.3%, manufacturing 6.6% and real estate 6.7%.

EVERGENT Investments has 37 employees at national level, and at Group level 185 employees. The executive management consists of Claudiu Doros as CEO and Catalin Iancu as Deputy CEO.