Corporate governance that creates value. BVB and Envisia are launching on July 5th an unique programme for the capital market stakeholders


Bucharest Stock Exchange and ENVISIA-Boards of Elite invite you on Monday, July 5th, to the launching of a unique educational partnership dedicated to the capital market stakeholders, ‘Corporate governance that creates value'. The program is designed to boost the competitiveness of boards, promote good business practices, and develop the skills and abilities necessary for a Board member, thus helping to build a strong corporate governance culture. The program raises awareness on the understanding of corporate governance law & practice in a national and international context. The launch will take place on Monday, July 5th, between 13.00 and 15.00. 

The agenda of the event is available below. Mass-media representatives are asked to confirm their participation at comunicare@bvb.roThe event will be broadcasted LIVE on our social media channels (FacebookLinkedInYouTube)  and Envisia (FacebookYouTube).



The launch of the first programme specially designed for listed companies and capital market stakeholders.

July 5th, 1 PM – 3 PM

12.30 – 13.15


13.15 - 13.20



Introduction on The Launch of the Educational Partnership between Bucharest Stock Exchange and Envisia - Boards of Elite

  • ENVISIA Founding Member & CEO: Carmen-Daniela Micu
  • ENVISIA Founding Member: Adriana Lobda

Event host: Gabriela Hartescu, PhD, Envisia Boards of Elite Dean

13.20 - 13.40





GUEST SPEAKERS: On the importance of education & professionalisation of Boards and the educational partnership with Envisia

  • Romanian Senate: Anca Dragu, President
  • Ministry of Finance: Alexandru Nazare, Minister
  • Ministry of Investments and European Projects: Teodora Preoteasa, Director, Programming and System Coordination Department
  • ASF: Nicu Marcu, President of the Financial Supervisory Authority (TBC)
  • Bucharest Stock Exchange: Radu Hanga, President of the Board

13.40 - 13.50



Keynote Speaker: Why we need to professionalise the Boards and Board Directors: insights from Academia and Practitioners.

  • Mariana Gheorghe, Non-executive Director, Member of the Supervisory Board ING Group
  • Prof. Andrew Kakabadse, Chair of Envisia Boards of Elite, Chair of Henley Directorate Forum

13.50 - 14.00


The Launch of the Flagship Programme and Partnership Portfolio

  • Gabriela Hartescu, PhD, ENVISIA Boards of Elite Dean

14.00 - 14.45












Panel Discussion: Why we need to professionalise the Boards and Board Directors: insights from the industry.

  • Adrian Tanase, CEO of Bucharest Stock Exchange
  • Alexandra Smedoiu, President CFA Romania
  • Andreea Pipernea, Vice-president APAPR (pending final confirmation)
  • Daniela Ropota, President AAFBR
  • Daniela Serban, President ARIR
  • Horia Gusta, President AAF
  • Mihai Rotaru, Vice-president ACJSFB
  • Narcisa Oprea, Envisia Programme Lead
  • Corina Cudric, Board Member ACI Romania
  • Stefan Frangulea, President ATR

Host: Radu Magdin - Chief Communication Officer Envisia

14.45 - 14.55

Q&A session for the audience members

14.55 - 15.00

Event closure