Chimcomplex Borzesti the largest company on the AeRO market moved to the Main Market under the stock ticker CRC


  • Chimcomplex Borzesti continues its journey on the capital market, started in 1996, and takes the first step on Bucharest Stock Exchange Main Market.
  • January 17 is the first trading day of Chimcomplex Borzesti shares on Bucharest Stock Exchange Main Market under a new stock ticker, CRC.
  • The company's shares closed the last trading session on the AeRO market at the price of RON 26.2 per share.
  • Since the listing on the local capital market, the market capitalization of the company reached EUR 1.6bn.


Chimcomplex Borzesti, a company present on the Romanian capital market since November 1996, debuted today, January 17, on Bucharest Stock Exchange Main Market under the stock ticker CRC, as a result of the transfer from the AeRO market. At the time of the transfer, Chimcomplex Borzesti was the largest company listed on the AeRO market, with a market capitalization of almost RON 8bn (EUR 1.6bn). Chimcomplex is the main producer and supplier of vital chemicals in the region, being a strategic company for the Romanian economy, established in 1954 in Borzesti, Onesti. Chimcomplex currently manages the largest chemical plant, with two industrial platforms in Onesti and Ramnicu Valcea.

‘We are honored by the presence on the stock exchange of a issuer as Chimcomplex Borzesti, which as of today continues its path on the capital market as a company listed on the main segment. Chimcomplex is an example of transformation and adaptation to the market economy and we look with interest at the future prospects of the company. The presence on the Regulated Market opens new horizons, and the increase in free-float may lead to a higher interest of local and international investors and, at the same time, may include the inclusion of Chimcomplex shares in FTSE Russell indices, which will strengthen the emerging market status of the Stock Exchange. I wish them success and I hope that other issuers will be inspired by the Chimcomplex model, both in terms of the company's evolution and in terms of progress on the capital market’, said Adrian Tanase, Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO.

‘Chimcomplex is a national company, with Romanian shareholding majority and with a clear objective to attract many other Romanian investors. A well-positioned company to offer strategic value to its potential shareholders, because it capitalizes on market trends and will put Romania on the global green map thanks to the projects it is considering. The company has exponential growth potential because we have 4 aces up our sleeve: we give value to natural resources, we have the know-how, we have a market and now we also have the money’, said Stefan Vuza,  Chimcomplex Borzesti Chairman.

The company's shares closed the last trading session on the AeRO market under the symbol CHOB, on January 12, at the price of RON 26.2 per share. On the first day on the Main Market, the company's shares, available under the new CRC stock ticker, started trading with the closing price of the CHOB symbol from January 12.

‘Trading on the Main Market and ringing the bell are benchmarks for Chimcomplex. However, we remain focused on everyday tasks. Over the past six months, we've delivered essential products to 54 countries on 5 continents for about 600 customers. The investments of over EUR 245mn carried out by Chimcomplex in recent years have created the premises for efficient and sustainable development. Projects of over EUR 55mn are currently in the final execution phase and projects of over EUR 125mn are in preparation and start execution. Today we allow a few hours to celebrate, but then we turn to chemistry, engineering, design, and delivery for our growing client portfolio. I congratulate our team for this notable stage and thank you all for your dedication and involvement. Together, we manufacture products that almost no one else makes anymore, at least in the region, for some of the most advanced companies and industries in the world and we know that we have just scratched the surface of our potential. We got here because we trust in what we do and we know how to do it well’, said Victor Avram, Chimcomplex Borzesti CEO.

Chimcomplex Borzesti is the second company to move from the AeRO market to the Main Market, Standard Tier, after Bittnet Systems in June 2020. The transfer of Chimcomplex Borzesti shares on the Main Market was carried out with the support of Estinvest.

‘With a history of 25 years on Bucharest Stock Exchange and constantly evolving into a challenging business, Chimcomplex is now making a natural upgrade by promoting on the Main Market and we are honored to be together in this endeavor of a benchmark company both for Romania's chemical industry, as well as for the domestic capital market. We are convinced that the step taken by Chimcomplex will be on the radar of big investors, as well as retail ones. We hope that the results will be able to confirm the trust offered, bringing added value to stakeholders’, said Lucian Isac,  Estinvest CEO.

In 2020, Chimcomplex had a turnover of RON 1.2bn, and in the first 9 months of 2021 it reported a turnover of RON 1.7bn. Chimcomplex Borzesti is owned by CRC Alchemy Holding, with 85% of the shares, and by the Romanian State, through the Authority for the Administration of State Assets, with 8.9%. The rest of the share capital, of about 5%, is owned by legal and retail investors persons.


For additional information, please contact:

Natalia Negru Botezan, e-mail:, 0722.411.604

Georgiana Stavarache, Communication Director Chimcomplex Borzesti,, 0721.480.464