Bucharest Stock Exchange and SeedBlink join forces to support the Romanian entrepreneurial innovative environment


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) and SeedBlink signed an memorandum of understanding that aims to support the development of the Romanian business environment through diversifying the sources of financing and facilitating the access to financial capital for the companies.

Bucharest Stock Exchange and SeedBlink – the equity crowdfunding investment platform, plan to support the entrepreneurs who have innovative business development ideas and need investment capital. The purpose of this partnership is to engage shoulder to shoulder in developing the Romanian entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem, by easing access to financial capital for companies found in different development stages.

The memorandum stipulates that promising tech start-ups displaying steady growth, from SeedBlink’s portfolio will be helped to assess the opportunity to become public, by means of being listed on one of the markets managed by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The partnership offers benefits to the entrepreneurs looking to finance their further growth but also to the crowdfund investors that can take part in public listings or private investments, gaining BVB as another exit option.

In addition, SeedBlink will be a partner in the 4th edition of “Made in Romania”, which is organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

”Bucharest Stock Exchange provides support for Romanian companies and being open to various financing routes is a sign of market maturity. We consider SeedBlink & their partners an incubator for new listings, and a channel contributing to the growth of the Romanian IT/Tech sector. This partnership aligns very well with other initiatives of ours, like “Made in Romania”, a program through which we will launch a platform dedicated to connecting the entrepreneurs with the private and public financiers”, stated Radu Hanga, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“In the last two years we have noticed a significant increase in the interest shown by SMEs to get financing on the capital market. BVB’s AeRO market and SeedBlink’s platform are among the most important financing channels for these companies and through this cooperation we want to feature our complementary offers and to contribute to the continuous development of the financing infrastructure, to the benefit of the entrepreneurs, local investors and the economy as a whole”, said Adrian Tanase, CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“As increasingly more companies will get financial capital from the private markets, it will become more important to support them with adequate corporate financing strategies and liquidity. BVB’s experience and reputation on the capital markets, as well as their support for public listings, complements very well our dynamic pipeline of pre-seed & seed tech companies, and the needs of SeedBlink’s start-ups investors. We are thrilled to launch this partnership with Bucharest Stock Exchange!” said Andrei Dudoiu, Co-Founder & CEO SeedBlink.

The investment platform SeedBlink has built a base of over 4,000 online investors, held 36 financing rounds to date and conveyed investments of more than EUR 12.6mn into tech companies.

The partnership between Bucharest Stock Exchange and SeeBlink marks an important step towards the modernization & development of the Romanian capital market, boosting companies’ access to multiple financing sources, helping them getting listed on the stock exchange and increasing the base of capital market investors.


About BVB

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) runs markets for shares, bonds and other instruments, through regulated platforms and alternative systems, and provides a wide range of services to participants of financial markets. Bucharest Stock Exchange is a public company, listed on its own market since 2010. The global index provider FTSE Russell announced, in September 2019, the promotion of the Romanian capital market to the Secondary Emerging Market status. As of September 21, 2020, Romania is effectively included in the FTSE Russell indices for Emerging Markets. For more information on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, please refer to www.bvb.ro.


About SeedBlink

SeedBlink is the investment platform recording the greatest growth in Europe in regard to the trading amounts, as well as its investors base.

The company intends to continue the democratization of the investment process, by combining the visibility of the crowd sourcing with the flexibility offered by business angels and the know-how of the VCs, in the same online platform.

At the center of SeedBlink’s success we have our continuously expanding community and the selection of tech start-ups that are founded by dedicated teams, implement innovative ideas with great social impact and international scaling potential. For more information about SeedBlink, please visit www.seedblink.com .


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