BRK supports the liquidity for Antibiotice shares by starting the Issuer Market Maker activity on May 18th


  • Antibiotice (ATB) will benefit from the Issuer's Market Maker services provided by BRK Financial Group starting with May 18, services that  will enhance ATB shares liquidity
  • BRK Financial Group is the first market maker for Antibiotice shares
  • 10 financial instruments (nine issues of shares and one issue of bonds) benefit from the Issuer's Market Maker service on BVB


Antibiotice (ATB), one of the oldest Romanian drug producers, will benefit starting with May 18th from the Issuer's Market Maker services provided by BRK Financial Group (BRK), one of the most active brokers on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB). BRK is the first market maker for Antibiotice and will enhance the liquidity for ATB shares, listed on BVB’s Main Market since April 1997.

"Antibiotice has proven ingenuity and adaptability over time and is one of the leading companies in both the pharmaceutical market for end consumers, as well as in the capital market for investors. We are pleased that Antibiotice pays attention to investors and to the evolution of its shares on the stock market. The increase in liquidity is linked directly to the increase in investor interest, these two elements being interdependent. The Issuer's Market Maker activity is one of the facilities that BVB makes available to improve liquidity. We are glad to have already ten financial instruments for which issuer’s market making operations are successfully implemented", said Adrian Tanase, Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO.

"The partnership with BRK Financial Group is an important step for our goal of improving liquidity, minimizing volatility and increasing the performance of our shares, in order to create value for shareholders and attract new investors. Antibiotice is the most important pharmaceutical company with Romanian capital, and the maturity of the team, our activities done according to sustainable management plans and the strict compliance of the operating procedures represent the guarantee of our sustainable development. We are focused on doubling the turnover in the next period, also the international expansion is certainly the most important focus for the company's shareholders. Of course, our goal is to increase the profitability of the business. We achieve this growth primarily through the periodic investment of profit in product development, applied research, sustainable partnerships", said Ioan Nani, Antibiotice CEO.

The Issuer's Market Maker (IMM) activity will be performed by BRK Financial Group based on a contract signed with Antibiotice.

"If 24 years ago we were assisting Antibiotice to be listed on BVB Main Market, today we add ATB shares to our client portfolio for which we carry out market making operations. We will list with a minimum volume of 200,000 ATB shares (both in terms of purchase, as well as on the sales direction) at a maximum spread of 3%, but our internal objective is to quote with an average spread around 1.5%. We hope that our efforts will materialize in the liquidity increase of ATB shares, in line with the liquidity evolution of other issuers that have concluded a partnership with BRK Financial Group within the Issuer's Market Making program. We thank the company for the trust given", said Monica Ivan, BRK Financial Group CEO.

The specific parameters applicable to the IMM activity provided by BRK Financial Group for Antibiotice shares are available HERE.

BRK thus becomes the Issuer's Market Maker for eight issues on BVB: shares of Antibiotice, Aages, Impact Developer&Contractor, MedLife, Romcarbon, TeraPlast, Purcari Wineries, as well as for IMP26E bonds.

The IMM is the participant in the BVB’s trading system that has taken on the role of sustaining the liquidity of a financial instrument, based on a contract concluded with the issuer of the respective financial instruments, as well as with BVB. Further information regarding the general framework for the IMM Program can be found HERE


About Antibiotice

Antibiotice SA is the most important Romanian manufacturer of generic medicines and a leading brand in the Romanian industry, internationally recognized, which continues the mission to produce quality products, safe and efficient, in order to give people the hope of a healthy life. Generic drugs are mainly addressed to patients with infectious diseases, but also to cardiovascular, dermatological, digestive, and central nervous system pathologies. Antibiotice is present with drugs and the active substance Nystatin in Romania and 75 countries around the world. For Nystatin, the active substance, it ranks first in the world among the profile producers and is the reference standard for this active substance. Antibiotice is listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange Main Market, under ATB ticker, for 24 years. Since the listing on the stock exchange, respectively in April, 1997, the stock market capitalization has increased 14 times, from RON 24mn in 1997 to RON 336mn in 2021.


About BRK Financial Group

BRK Financial Group was established as a joint-stock company on October 26, 1994, being one of the largest brokerage companies in Romania. Extensively experienced in the capital market, it is also the first and, up until now, the only financial investment company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, in the premium category (ticker symbol: BRK). The core activity of BRK Financial Group is structured on two business directions, namely the intermediation segment and the trading segment. In the trading segment, the company operates the transactions on its own account, market-making operations, and structured product transactions, while on the intermediation segment, the company operates the customer transactions, respectively the corporate operations. The management deems future projects to be of importance, considering the triple stance of BRK: investment firm, intermediary and issuer. The high level of competence and experience at all corporate levels of our team allows the company to look confidently ahead into the future.