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MedLife launches the online medical advice service via video conferencing

Release Date: 3/23/2020 12:31:16 PM

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MedLife Medical System launches the online medical advice service via video conferencing

Following the introduction of this new service, patients will be able to interact with the specialist doctors present in MedLife clinics and online

March 23, 2020, Bucharest: In the epidemiological medical context, MedLife Medical System, the leader of the private medical services market in Romania, welcomes all patients with concrete solutions and announces the launch of the online medical advice service, through video conferencing.

The new service offers patients online medical assistance for many specialties (general medicine, internal medicine, pneumology, ENT, cardiology, dermatovenerology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, etc.), offered by over 80 specialist doctors, their number is expected to increase gradually in the coming weeks. The services can be accessed by all patients who wish to interact with a specialist doctor for various pathologies.

The advice session is similar to a consultation duration, an average of 20 minutes, and involves a discussion with the specialist doctor to perform anamnesis, questions and concerns that the patient can ask the doctor and recommendations from the specialist doctor for further investigations, if the case. The application allows patients to upload documents that will help assess the patient's health, following the doctor's recommendations. According to the current legislative framework in Romania, through online medical advice, the doctor cannot make a diagnosis and cannot prescribe medicines.

“At the moment, there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of vulnerable patients who have a real need to interact with a doctor. In this regard, for more than 2 weeks, we worked intensively on an alternative solution that would allow patients to get in touch with a doctor without having to travel. Thus, whether we are talking about an elderly person, a patient with cardiovascular, oncological, diabetes or severe anxiety, he can now contact a specialist doctor or a psychologist on any device, phone, tablet or computer and anywhere in the country, only using an internet connection and a functional video camera, similar to telemedicine practices”, said Mihai Marcu, President and CEO of MedLife Group.


“In the absence of a legislative framework for a national telemedicine system, MedLife's online service will operate for the moment as medical advice service, without the possibility of giving a diagnosis or prescribing a treatment. Thus, given the state of emergency decreed which also implies a series of traffic restrictions, as well as the very high need of patients to benefit from a medical service that does not require them to travel, we request the support of the authorities to facilitate a legal framework favorable to telemedicine service in Romania, even for a predefined period. Over the years, telemedicine has been proven numerous times, through studies and practices in other developed countries, that it greatly improves the lives of patients, some medical problems can be quickly solved by the specialist doctor with a diagnosis and treatment only at a telephone / videocall distance. Such an approach will help us to adapt and quickly respond to the real needs of patients at these critical times, and also to relieve public hospitals so that they can properly handle difficult cases. Moreover, the Military Ordinance no. 2 / 21.03.2020, which entered into force last night, refers to the displacement of persons only if remote medical consultations are not possible, although they are not yet regulated as oposed to many other countries in Europe”, added Mihai Marcu, President and CEO MedLife Group.

In addition to the online advice service, MedLife will continue its activity in clinics and hospitals in Bucharest and throughout the country, to provide medical assistance in critical situations, in accordance with the legislation in force. People with oncological pathologies who need to go for chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments, pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease, diabetes or any other pathologies that require a visit to a clinic for laboratory and imaging investigations or to a hospital for a surgery, can still access these services in MedLife units based on a prior appointment.

In addition, to further support patients who need to physically reach a medical unit, the company will open next week monodisciplinary clinics.

Starting next week, we will provide pregnant women with a clinic dedicated entirely to the safe monitoring of pregnancy. It is a pilot project that we are launching in the clinic in northern Bucharest, in Baneasa, and we will expand this project to other cities in the country. We consider that it is very important for the safety of future mothers to visit clinics where there are no other pathologies, respectively not to intersect with any patient who addresses another specialties. We will take on a similar model in the large clinics in the country, but in these cases we will dedicate to pregnant women a total separate program, from 2 to 4 hours. In this interval, the only patients who will have access to the clinic will be the pregnant women, before and after this dedicated program, a time for the disinfection of the corridors and cabinets will be created. Also, in the next period, we are considering the possibility of making such clinics and / or dedicated program available to patients in other critical situations, especially dedicated to patients with pathologies that are exposed to COVID-19 infection: oncological pathology, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Through this facility we want to support patients who have medical emergencies, respectively their medical situation requires a visit to a clinic or hospital, in accordance with the legislation in force”, added Mihai Marcu.


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