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Information for the GMS from 04.12.2019

Release Date: 11/20/2019 4:09:31 PM

IRIS Code: 98780

Reg. No: 0130/ 132 /19.11.2019

                        To:              BURSA DE VALORI BUCURESTI

                                            AUTORITATEA DE SUPRAVEGHERE FINANCIARA

                                           DIRECTIA GENERALA DE SUPRAVEGHERE

                                           DIRECTIA EMITENTI



Report date : 19.11.2019

Denomination of issuer entity : COS TARGOVISTE S.A. - societate in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collective

Registered office : Targoviste, Soseaua Gaesti nr.9-11, jud. Dambovita

Telephone/fax number : 0040 245 640 089 / 0040 245 640 097

Sole registration code  / Fiscal code : RO 913720

Registration number with Trade Registry: J15/284/1991

LEI Code: 254900RX14AHO249BU17

Subscribed and paid-in share capital: 172.125.307,50 lei

Regulated market issued securities are traded on: Bursa de Valori Bucuresti – trading of shares was suspended after opening of General Procedure of Insolvency disposed by the Court decision dated 22.02. 2012 ruled by Dambovita Court of Law, Second Administrative and Fiscal section, in the File no. 1906/120/2013.

Important events to be reported:

We inform that until 16.11.2019, provided according to the legal provisions and the convening of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders COS TARGOVISTE S.A. (in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collective) for the date of 04.12.2019 (05.12.2019 the second convocation), in which the shareholders could submit the proposals regarding the candidates for the position of special administrator, was registered with the company under no. 0130/131/15.11.2019 only the address of the shareholder Mazur Investments Limited which, considering that the Plan of reorganization of the activity COS TARGOVISTE S.A. - in insolvency, is in the confirmation procedure, propose the prorogation the discussion of the items regarding the revocation of the current special administrator and the appointment of a new special administrator and to establish his remuneration, respectively items 1, 2 and 3 on the agenda of the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders convened for 04.12.2109 (05.12.2019 second convocation) for a subsequent Shareholders Meeting, according to its request, the current special administrator continuing to exercise his mandate until the appointment of a new special administrator by the Shareholders' Meeting.

We will provide the appropriate information regarding the decisions adopted by the shareholders in the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders COS TARGOVISTE S.A. (in insolventa, in insolvency, en procedure collective) in 04.12.2019 (05.12.2019 the second convocation).

 Special Administrator,

Shvedakov Oleg

Head of Legal Department,

Panduru Monica


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