Over one million minutes of financial education watched by investors on the YouTube channel of Bucharest Stock Exchange


  • The launch of InvestingRomania and Fluent in Finance platforms and several 7/24 Capital episodes are among the most viewed videos
  • People interested in capital markets brought the watch-time to over one million minutes of financial education and more than half a million views for the YouTube channel of the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the past two years
  • Adrian Tanase, BVB CEO: We plan on making the capital market increasingly accessible to a broader audience, regardless of how well it is acquainted to the financial field
  • Lucian Anghel, BVB President: Increasing the financial literacy rate is a continuous process, that we constantly support through multiple educational initiatives


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), the most important institution of the local capital market, has supported in recent years several initiatives and events meant to encourage Romanian investments and to contribute to raising the financial literacy rate. BVB has met the demand from potential investors by enhancing its online activity. For example, 1.13 million minutes of financial education were watched on the YouTube channel of BVB over the past two years. In total, over 670,000 view were recorded throughout this period. At this time, around 340 videos of topics of interest to prospective investors are available for viewing.

The videos on the YouTube channel of BVB that gathered the most views were: the presentation of the InvestingRomania.com portal, the presentation of the educational platform Fluent in Finance and a series of episodes of the 7/24 Capital show, an online project launched by BVB last year on the occasion of the National Investment Day.

"We cannot have more investors if we do not have financial education. We want the capital market to become accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their financial knowledge. We will continue our financial education programs so that retails investors do not see the capital market as an exotic place but as a common place for their savings," said Adrian Tanase, CEO of BVB.

"Increasing financial education cannot be done overnight. It is a continuous process that we constantly support through multiple educational initiatives: the Individual Investors Forum, the National Investment Day, the Fluent Finance seminars, the First Investment book and the 7/24 Capital online show," stated Lucian Anghel, President of the Board of Governors of BVB.

Romania ranks last in the European Union in terms of the population's financial literacy rate, according to a study conducted internationally by S&P and the World Bank. On average, about 52% of European adults have basic financial knowledge, compared with only 22% in Romania.