NE Property Cooperatief bonds will start trading on the spot regulated market of Bucharest Stock Exchange on December 21st


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) informs that the corporate bonds of NE PROPERTY COÖPERATIEF U.A. Amsterdam, Netherlands, will start trading on spot regulated market of BVB from December 21, 2017. The bonds were listed both on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, as well as on the Irish Stock Exchange (ISE), and are part of a Medium Term Notes programme worth EUR 1 billion.

The main characteristics of the bonds issue, which has a first tranche worth EUR 500 million, are: 

•   Type: nominative, dematerialised, guaranteed, freely transferable, registered into an account

•   Number of bonds: 5,000

•   Nominal value: EUR 100,000

•   Interest rate (%) : 1.75

•   Maturity date: November 23, 2024


NE PROPERTY COÖPERATIEF thus became the second issuer on BVB to have placed and settled a bond issue directly in euros, after the International Investment Bank (IIB). The issue was intermediated by BRD-Groupe Societe Generale and ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam, Bucharest branch.