Made in Romania program announces the 50 semifinalist companies of the 3rd edition


  • Almost 300 companies registered in the third edition of the Made in Romania program, 50% more than in 2018
  • The public cansend their favourite company directly to the final stage by casting the vote on until April 21st

Made in Romania: BVB League program has designated its 50 semi-finalist companies through a complex selection process from a total of nearly 300 nominated entrepreneurial companies. At its third edition, the program reconfirmed the growing success among the Romanian business community, with a 50% increase in the number of nominated companies versus the previous edition.

The growing interest in Made in Romania is also due to the support offered by the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) partners, the members of the Nomination Committee, the members of the Jury, and the companies that entered the BVB League in the first two editions of Made in Romania.

The 50 semi-finalist companies are:

5 to Go


Green Spots Technology

Agroserv Mariuta - Laptaria cu caimac

Grup Sapte



Noah Watches

Jolidon International

AMC Romania


Annabella (Fabrica de Conserve Raureni)

La Mama

Arobs Transilvania Software

Lacto Solomonescu

Bio Eel

Luna Solai

Merlin's Beverages (Vitamin Aqua)

Christian Tour

Moldovan - Carmangeria Sannicoara



Clinicile Dr. Leahu

Oscar Downstream

Dacia Plant




Elba Electronics

Regina Maria

Elis Pavaje


Elsaco Electronic

Salad Box

F64 Studio


Fabrica de Bere Buna



Ted’s Coffee

Fildas Trading

Timesafe (Pago)


Transylvania College


Typing DNA

French Revolution

Vivre Deco

"Made in Romania gained significant visibility in just three editions, the number of participating companies has almost doubled and we are pleased to see that an initiative that Banca Transilvania has supported from the very beginning has real chances to become a landmark in identifying and promoting local entrepreneurship. There are many successful business stories that need stage and lights and Made in Romania is doing just that. We would be delighted to see that this recognition of value in entrepreneurship ultimately leads to a strong, active and healthy business community revolving around the local capital market", said Dan Rusu, member of the Nomination Committee and Head of Research, Banca Transilvania Financial Group.

Made in Romania program began in 2017 with 166 nominated companies. In the second edition (2018), the number of nominations increased by 20% to 201, so that in the third edition (2019), 296 companies would be registered, about 50% above the 2018 level and almost double than the first edition.

"It was a very difficult selection and an extremely informative exercise. It is impressive the variety of companies proposed, and I would like if we could have the opportunity to finance them through stock or bond issues in the years to come. There is a tremendous potential for innovation and development among the nominated companies and with sufficient ambition and, of course, capital, they can become leaders in their fields", said Mihai Purcarea, member of the Nomination Committee and BRD Asset Management CEO.

Out of the 50 semi-finalists, a Jury of 12 experts will choose 14 companies. The 15th company will be chosen based on the public's vote, that will be open between April 8th and 21st, on the project website The names of the 15 finalists will be announced on May 14 at the Made in Romania Gala.

"In the context of emerging opportunities, entrepreneurship is the engine of transformation and value creation in the economy. Any company that wants to grow and scale must understand the global ecosystem and prepare for it. In the evaluation process, we were glad to see that many of the nominee companies either are preparing to move to the global market or are already there. We have seen both promising start-ups and mature companies, which shows us that the Romanian entrepreneurial system is developing. I hope that in the future, alongside with the participation of even more stakeholders and programs such as Made in Romania, we will help strengthen the innovation ecosystem", said Silvia Ursu, Associate Partner, Civitta Romania.

The third edition of Made in Romania brought several improvements, with a clear segmentation of the participating companies, as well as a restructuring of the mentoring program so that Made in Romania could get as close as possible to Romanian entrepreneurs. The segmentation of the listed companies took into account, among other things, the turnover, the number of employees and the period of activity, so there are three categories of companies: start-ups, SMEs and large companies. Each participating company competes with similar companies.

"In the three editions of the program, we found out the stories of over 500 Romanian entrepreneurial companies, some of them being real champions and others representing surprises for us through innovation or business dynamics from year to year. All these Romanian entrepreneurs, who produce in Romania are creating jobs, well-being for both their clients and their employees, consistently contribute to budget revenues by paying taxes to the state, thus making public sector wages, pensions, and then building schools, hospitals and infrastructure. We are talking about reinvesting profits in the society we all live in. We are glad that this program improves the image and education related to entrepreneurship in Romania and also gives confidence to other Romanians that they can develop very successful private business in our country. An educated society will have much more chances to have a developed economy", said Lucian Anghel, Chairman of BVB Board of Governors.

The final stage of this edition is dedicated to all semi-finalist companies and involves free assistance in areas of interest to companies through regional workshops (Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara), bilateral discussions at the offices of finalists, webinars etc.

"The large number and diversity of the nominated companies exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to seeing this growing interest in the Made in Romania program. At the same time, we are glad to see entrepreneurs who have been in Made in Romania interested in attracting funding through the capital market, but also when we find out that workshop discussions or partnerships between entrepreneurs have been fruitful. Thus, Made in Romania is a bridge between entrepreneurs and consultants, financiers and other stakeholders, just as the stock exchange connects entrepreneurs who need capital to fund business development ideas with investors that could place some of their money in the business development of entrepreneurs", concluded Adrian Tanase, Bucharest Stock Exchange CEO.

Made in Romania is a unique program that aims to identify and promote Romanian entrepreneurship. During 2019, the Main Partners supporting the project are BCRBRD – Groupe Societe Generale, Banca Transilvania Financial GroupBRD Asset Management and Erste Asset Management, together with Catalyst RomaniaCivittaHorváth & Partners Management Consultants, Inoveo, Mazars, Tradeville and Digi24, as Media Partner.