Launch Made in Romania-edition III edition and of the book Made in Romania-edition II


  • The registration stage in Made in Romania - 3rd edition starts today on
  • BVB launches a book with the business stories of 15 of the most promising Romanian companies
  • BVB relaunches the website dedicated to the Made in Romania program

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) together with its partners starts the 3rd edition of Made in Romania and launches the book Made in Romania: 15 companies for the growth of the Romanian economy and their unique stories, marking the end of the second edition of the program.

Between February 18th and March 17th, Romanian entrepreneurs and employees of Romanian companies are invited to submit their nominations using the program dedicated website

The book, released on Monday, by BVB has over 100 pages and includes the stories of the finalists of Made in Romania - second edition, Allview (Visual Fan), ApiLand, Aqua Carpatica (Carpathian Springs), Bebe Tei, Bilka Steel, Carturesti, City Grill, Cramele Recas, Farmec, iHunt, Musette, Qualitance, Simultan, Te-Rox Prod and Tremend Software Consulting.

"We have many valuable companies in Romania, but only a few of them have begun to expand in the region. We hope to see as many of these Romanian entrepreneurial companies that are expanding in other countries, as we have entrepreneurs with high-quality know-how and experience. We are honored that some of them we met through Made in Romania. The selection of the 15 companies was difficult precisely because of their very interesting stories, the vision of the entrepreneurs who founded these companies with a remarkable development potential. The stories of the 50 semi-finalist companies convinced us to invite them to the trainings we organized at the BVB headquarters, one per month and with a different theme, but based on the daily realities of the companies: finance, accounting, marketing, strategy and innovation. These trainings were supported by our partners in this program, some of them providing even a series of free consulting hours to companies. All these efforts have one purpose, namely to make a contribution to the development of these companies and implicitly of the Romanian business environment", stated Lucian Anghel, BVB President of the Board of Governors.

With the concurrent launch of Made in Romania and the 3rd edition of the program, BVB shows that Made in Romania is a continuous program, an ecosystem, where entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and all other actors in the business environment have the opportunity to meet and learn from each other so that their businesses and, implicitly, the Romanian economy develop.

"In addition to the exposure given by Made in Romania to entrepreneurs, we are also talking about financing, because every entrepreneur wants to grow his business, and this development is supported by financing. There are many entrepreneurs with very good ideas and developing businesses, but without having yet a standardization similar to those of the listed companies. Through Made in Romania, we aim to support companies in implementing these standards required by financiers to facilitate the process when they want to attract an investment, whether it is raised on the capital market or from other sources", stated Adrian Tanase, BVB CEO.

During the two editions of Made in Romania, BVB interacted with over 300 Romanian entrepreneurial companies, from a multitude of branches of the economy. In the second edition of Made in Romania, 201 companies were registered, 20% more than in the first edition. The growing interest in Made in Romania was also due to the support offered by members of the Nomination Committee, Jury members and companies that entered the BVB League in 2017.

Together with the 3rd edition of the program, BVB relaunched the dedicated website of Made in Romania,, and provided more information on how the program will evolve in 2019. The 3rd edition brings a series of improvements, with a clear segmentation of the participating companies, as well as a restructuring of the mentoring program so that Made in Romania is as close as possible to Romanian entrepreneurs. The segmentation of registered companies will take into account, among other things, the turnover, the number of employees and the period of activity, so there will be three categories of companies: start-ups, SMEs and large companies. Each participating company will compete with similar companies, and at the same time the program will give a chance of assertion as well to entrepreneurs taking their first steps in the market.

The program will be structured in 4 stages:
- In the 1st stage, we invite Romanian entrepreneurs, partners and supporters, as well as employees of Romanian companies to submit their applications using this website. The online form is available on the website starting February 18 at this LINK.
- In the 2nd stage, BVB together with the members of the Nomination Committee will select 50 companies, among all the applications received.
- In the 3rd stage, out of the 50, the Jury of 12 experts will select only 14 companies. The 15th company will be voted by public vote in March. The 15 finalist companies will be announced publicly and awarded at the Made in Romania Gala.
- In the 4th stage, after the Gala, the program offers free assistance to entrepreneurs in areas of interest to the company, through regional workshops (Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara), bilateral discussions at the offices of the finalists, webinars etc.

The Nomination Committee, whose role is to present most nominations, consists of the following persons:
 - Mircea Capatina, Cofounder, SmartBill
 - Matei Dumitrescu, Vicepresident, TechAngels Romania
 - Marius Ghenea, Partner, 3TS Capital Partners
 - Dragos Neacsu, CEO, Erste Asset Management
 - Sergiu Negut, Business angel and Business Growth Consultant
 - Voicu Oprean, Founder, Arobs Transilvania Software
 - Sorin Paslaru, Editor-in-Chief, Ziarul Financiar
 - Mihai Purcarea, CEO, BRD Asset Management
 - Dan Rusu, Head of Research, Banca Transilvania
 - Constantin Stanciu, Cofounder, Upgrader
 - Silvia Ursu, Associate Partner, Civitta Romania
 - Dochita Zenoveiov, Brand Innovator, Inoveo

The members of the Jury who have the right to decide on the finalists are:
 - Lucian Anghel, President of the Board of Governors, Bucharest Stock Exchange
 - Razvan Butucaru, Partner, Audit & Financial Advisory, Mazars
 - Radu Constantinescu, Cofounder & Managing Partner, Qualitance
 - Ovidiu Dumitrescu, Deputy CEO, Tradeville
 - Radu Hanga, Senior Adviser to the Board, Banca Transilvania Financial Group
 - Nicoleta Iordan, Cofounder, Carturesti
 - Irina Neacsu, Executive Director Corporate Finance, BRD – Groupe Societe Generale
 - Adrian Tanase, CEO, Bucharest Stock Exchange
 - Ioana Tanase, Executive Director Corporate Finance, BCR
 - Marius Stefan, Founder, Autonom Rent-a-Car
 - Sergiu Voicu, Journalist, Digi24
 - Kurt Weber, Managing Director, Horváth & Partners Management Consultants

Already in its third edition, Made in Romania is a unique project that aims to identify and promote Romanian entrepreneurship. During 2019, the Main Partners who will support the project are: BCR, BRD – Groupe Societe Generale, Banca Transilvania Financial Group, BRD Asset Management and Erste Asset Management, together with the Partners Catalyst Romania, CivittaHorváth & Partners Management ConsultantsInoveoMazars and Tradeville, as well as Digi24, as Media Partner.