Impact bonds will start trading on the spot regulated market of Bucharest Stock Exchange on December 22nd


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) informs that the corporate bonds of IMPACT DEVELOPER & CONTRACTOR  S.A. will start trading on spot regulated market of BVB from December 21, 2017, under the symbol IMP22E.


The main characteristics of the bonds issue, which has a total value of EUR 12.52 million, are:

•   Type: nominative, dematerialised, non-guaranteed, freely transferable, registered into an account

•   Number of bonds: 2,505

•   Nominal value: EUR 50,000

•   Interest rate (%) : 5.75

•   Maturity date: December 19, 2022


IMPACT DEVELOPER & CONTRACTOR  S.A. thus became the third issuer on BVB to have placed and settled a bond issue directly in euros, after the International Investment Bank (IIB) and NE PROPERTY COÖPERATIEF.

The offer was intermediated by BT Capital Partners.