BVB invites all innovative Romanian entrepreneurs to submit their nominations as second edition of Made in Romania project officially begins


  • The nominations phase of the second edition of Made in Romania begins today at
  • BVB aims to top up impressive number of 166 nominations received in the 2017 edition of the project


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) together with its partners announces the beginning of the nominations phase of the second edition of Made in Romania project. Between January 15th and 31st, Romanian entrepreneurs as well employees in innovative Romanian companies are invited to submit their nominations using the project’s dedicated website:

Already at its second edition, Made in Romania is a unique project that aims to identify and promote next most innovative Romanian companies. During 2018, the following partners will be supporting the execution of the project: Banca Transilvania GroupHorváth & Partners Management Consultants, auditor Mazars, law firm NNDKP and the retail broker Tradeville.

"In the first edition of the project, we discovered 166 extraordinary companies, with excellent growth prospects. This year we want to top that score. Made in Romania remains the flagship entrepreneurial initiative of Bucharest Stock Exchange and we look forward to more and more companies announcing their intention to list, following joining the project," said Lucian Anghel, President of the Board of Governors of BVB.

The project will run in a similar manner to the first edition and will be organized in three stages: nominations, shortlisting and selection of the final 15 companies. Starting from January 15th, the public is invited to submit nominations for the project using a form available at: www.bvbleague. BVB envisages the nomination period to close on January 31st at 23:59hrs, however it does not exclude the possibility of extending this deadline should the interest coming from entrepreneurs be as big as it was in the case of project’s first edition.

After the nomination period ends, BVB together with the Nomination Committee members will shortlist 50 companies that will go further into the last stage. The final 15 companies will be officially announced during the Made in Romania Gala, which will take place in April. 14 companies will be selected by a special Jury consisting of top market experts, including leading investors, business angels, entrepreneurs and business professionals. The 15th company will be selected by the popular vote that will take place in March, on project’s website.

Members of the Jury entitled to decide on the final set of companies to be included in the project are:

·         Lucian Anghel, President, Bucharest Stock Exchange

·         Razvan Butucaru, Partner, Audit & Financial Advisory, Mazars

·         Ovidiu Dumitrescu, Deputy CEO, Tradeville

·         Marius Ghenea, Partner, 3TS Capital Partners

·         Radu Hanga, Senior Advisor of the Board, Banca Transilvania

·         Cristian Logofatu, Co-founder & CFO, Bittnet Systems

·         Alina Radu, Partner, Head of Banking and Finance, NNDKP

·         Daniel Truica, Founder & CEO,

·         Sergiu Voicu, Journalist, Digi24

·         Kurt Webber, CEO, Horváth&Partners


 The Nomination Committee, which role is to put forward the nominations, consists of the following members:


·         Vlad Andriescu, Editor-in-Chief,

·         Piotr Bialowas, Vice-President, INC SA

·         Dorin Boerescu, CEO, 2Performant

·         Dan Calugareanu, President, TechAngels Romania

·         Iulian Circiumaru, Founder, V7 Capital

·         Dan Rusu, Head of Research, Banca Transilvania 

·         Virgil Zahan, CEO, Goldring

·         Mihai Zant, EMEA Managing Partner, JustNow

·         Dochita Zenoveiov, Brand Innovator, Inoveo


"It became clear to us that the first edition of this project, which we’ve believed in and totally supported, is becoming a success once companies that have made it to the grand final started showing an interest in going public. Made in Romania was meant to celebrate successful Romanian entrepreneurship and growing a family-owned business into a publicly listed company is exactly the kind of story that we wish to see and promote in the coming editions," stated Radu Hanga, Senior Advisor to the Board, Banca Transilvania.

"The decision to contribute to the second edition of Made in Romania project was a natural step for NNDKP particularly considering its over 25 years of history of continuous support of the Romanian business environment. NNDKP was established in a period when notions such as «entrepreneurship», «due diligence» or «capital markets» were similar to "pioneering". During the past decades, engaging in the development and consolidation of Romanian companies has become an essential aim of our business approach and we have been committed to transfer to the business community at least a part of the business experience we have accumulated over the years. Today we are enthusiastic about the opportunity to join the Bucharest Stock Exchange and the other partners of the Made in Romania project for the 2018 edition," said Alina Radu, Partner, Head of Banking and Finance, NNDKP.

"In order to develop healthily, Romania needs successful models and success in the private economic field. It is important to bring to the public such companies that have the potential to become the engines of the entire society. That is why it is an honor for us to join Made in Romania team. Starting with 2018, Tradeville will focus much more on preparing the listing of companies on the Bucharest market, hoping to bring as many good shareholders as possible to valuable companies," stated Ovidiu Dumitrescu, Tradeville Deputy CEO.

"The success of the first edition of Made in Romania revealed a local entrepreneurial culture with great potential and diversity. We are glad to be among the supporters. We believe in the future engines of the Romanian economy. Our knowledge will be at the disposal of the local entrepreneurs. They need the tools to optimize their personalized business and active support, regardless of the size or the industry in which they operate. Local entrepreneurs remain one of the fundamental pillars of the Romanian economy and we are obliged to invest in them," said Razvan Butucaru, Partner, Financial Advisory Services.

"Horvath & Partners has supported and will continue to support the Made in Romania program because we want to encourage and promote Romanian entrepreneurship, to offer Romanian companies concrete solutions to develop and adapt to new challenges in the current business environment," mentioned Kurt Webber, CEO, Horváth&Partners.

Made in Romania was launched by the Bucharest Stock Exchange in February 2017, with the purpose of identifying and promoting Romania’s top companies. Bucharest Stock Exchange’s goal behind the Made in Romania project is to identify the future drivers of Romanian economy and support them throughout a full year, all in order to help them bring their businesses to the next level, by improving transparency, visibility, reputation and, most importantly, gaining access to capital needed for further growth and development.

The participation in this project is free of charge and voluntary. The companies that were nominated by third parties will be informed about their nomination and will be asked to provide consensus for being considered for this project. More information about the project, its timeline as well as the submission form are available on the dedicated website: