BVB announces the 50 semi-finalist companies of Made in Romania project


  • BVB and the members of the Nomination Committee have announced the 50 companies that will enter the final stage of Made in Romania - 2nd edition
  • People can directly send their favourite company to the final stage by casting their vote on until April 3rd


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) has finalized the selection process for the 50 companies that enter the final stage of the Made in Romania: BVB League project. 201 companies were registered, compared to 166 in the first edition of Made in Romania in 2017. The growing interest in Made in Romania is also due to the support offered by the members of the Nomination Committee, the Jury members and the companies that entered the BVB League in the first edition.

The selected 50 companies are:


  1. AAGES
  2. Active Power Solutions
  3. Adservio
  4. Allview – Visual Fan
  5. AMC Pixel Factory
  6. Angst
  7. Apiland
  8. Arobs Transilvania Software
  9. Ascendis Consulting
  10. Atelierele Pegas
  11. Automobile Bavaria
  12. Bebe Tei
  13. Bilka Steel
  14. Calirom
  15. Carbon Incubator
  16. CargoPlanning
  17. Aqua Carpatica (Carpathian Springs)
  18. City Grill Group
  19. Clinicile Dr.Leahu (Implant Expert)
  20. Cramele Recas
  21. Croco
  22. Carturesti (Direct Client Service)
  23. Duraziv
  25. Elis Pavaje
  26. Elsaco
  27. Enevo Group
  28. Fabrica de Bere Buna
  29. Farmec
  30. Fintech OS
  31. Hofigal Export Import
  32. iHunt Technology Import Export
  33. Kiwi Finance
  34. LifeBox
  35. Millenium Insurance Broker
  36. Musette
  37. Netopia
  38. Paralela 45
  39. Qualitance
  40. Raureni
  41. Salad Box
  42. Secom
  43. Simultan
  44. Sport Guru
  45. Te-Rox Prod
  46. TotalSoft
  47. Tremend Software Consulting
  48. Typing DNA
  49. Vivre Deco
  50. Zitec


"The success of the second edition is already visible, both in the larger number of nominated companies, as well as a larger diversity of industries present in the project and the most important, we saw many companies stating they are proud to be «made in Romania». We will continue to put the spotlight on the Romanian companies with considerable potential and promote the Romanian entrepreneurship," stated Lucian Anghel, BVB chairman of the Board.

"Young companies with innovative ideas, as well as companies with tradition who are leaders in their industry have signed up. We are glad to see that one-third of these companies were also last year in Made in Romania, and this proves that entrepreneurs consider Made in Romania a useful project for their companies. This mix of industries and company size proves that Made in Romania is for any Romanian company, regardless of the level of business, the industry in which it operates, and its age," said Adrian Tanase, BVB CEO.

Out of the 50 semi-finalists, a Jury of 12 experts will select 14 companies. The 15th company will be chosen based on public vote that will be opened between March 19 and April 3, on the project website The names of the 15 finalists will be announced on April 25th, during the Made in Romania Gala.

These companies will enter into a mentoring program available from May to November 2018 that will cover topics such as marketing and branding, strategy and innovation, audit and financing development. Depending on each month’s theme, there will be workshops, training sessions and meetings dedicated to the teams and employees of the selected companies.

Already at its second edition, Made in Romania is a unique project that aims to identify and promote the Romanian entrepreneurship. During 2018, the partners that will be supporting the project are Banca Transilvania GroupHorváth & Partners, Mazars, NNDKP, Tradeville and Catalyst Romania.


About Made in Romania

Made in Romania was launched by the Bucharest Stock Exchange in February 2017, with the purpose of identifying and promoting Romania’s top companies. Bucharest Stock Exchange’s goal behind the Made in Romania project is to identify the future drivers of Romanian economy and support them throughout a full year, all in order to help them bring their businesses to the next level, by improving transparency, visibility, reputation and, most importantly, gaining access to capital needed for further growth and development. The participation in this project is free of charge and voluntary.